Oceanside Glasstile Introduces Textura Finish

Oceanside Glasstile has introduced a new finish for its Muse Collection of mosaic tiles. Textura is the result of more than six months of innovation, production and testing by the senior design team in Carlsbad, Calif. to ensure a finish that delights the senses both aesthetically and practically.

Made with a custom engineering process, Textura is a finish applied to Oceanside Glasstile’s clean edge, cast glass, mosaic line called the Muse Collection. Color specific glass frit is applied to Muse colors and patterns, then melted and cooled into the glass mosaics to create a cohesive, textured look. “The crushed glass is applied at high temperature, fusing the frit into the tile body. This produces a unique finish that can only be achieved in a hand cast process,” explains Johnny Marckx Oceanside Glasstile Owner and Executive Vice President. “I love to see Textura in contrast to other surfaces like natural stone or smooth metal. The mixing of finishes really enhances and compliments different materials. I hope designers will explore how Textura can push their tried and true mosaics to a new level, offering a new perspective on surface treatment and a subtle shifting of color.”

Textura can be used alongside Oceanside Glasstile’s complete line of glass tile mosaics for kitchen backsplashes, powder rooms, bar backsplashes or feature walls, but this new finish is designed to help designers push the limits. Its subtle texture gives impressive highlight to familiar glass tile patterns with six new blends: Celestial, Leo, Polaris, Taurus, Virgo, and Zenith.

Oceanside Glasstile uses more than two million pounds of bottle glass from curbside recycling programs each year. Increased use of recycled materials is a criterion in the company’s ongoing manufacturing improvements, as well as collaboration with its glass art center (manufacturing plant). These two elements lend to LEED Points: MRC 4, 4.1 and 4.2 (pertaining to recycled content) and MRC 5, 5.1 and 5.2 (pertaining to location).

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