Central Concrete Adopts CarbonCure Technology

Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc., a northern California business unit of U.S. Concrete, Inc., has adopted the CarbonCure Technology to further reduce the carbon footprint of its concrete mixes. This investment continues Central Concrete’s legacy of designing and delivering high-performance, low-carbon mixes.

CarbonCure Technology: Recycled CO2 Yields Multiple Concrete Mix Benefits
A key opportunity for reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment is to reduce the cement content in concrete. By partnering with CarbonCure, Central Concrete will recycle waste CO2 as a fresh concrete ingredient. This allows the cement content of the ready-mixed concrete mix to be reduced while yielding numerous benefits, including: contributing to LEED v4 points, the ability to maintain the same concrete performance with a reduced carbon footprint, and boosting early-age-strength of concrete, with no changes to pumping, placing and finishing. The first phase of the roll-out, scheduled for the fall of 2018, will cover Central Concrete’s West Bay plants.

“The design community is actively working to transform the built environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Collaborative innovation between CarbonCure and Central Concrete gives us a new way to accelerate this sustainable transformation,” said Frances Yang, structural sustainability specialist from Arup, San Francisco.

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