Trinity Glass Products Offer Sustainable Alternative

Trinity Glass Products are designed and manufactured by Tiger Mountain Innovations in Seattle and offer a sustainable alternative to natural stone. These individually handcrafted composite slabs are composed of recycled glass and low-carbon cement and can be fabricated for countertops, tabletops, wall cladding and exterior surfaces. Trinity Glass provides a look not unlike that of polished granite with muted earth tones and a pattern of small particulate. Although Trinity is low key, it can complement the décor of both traditional and contemporary homes.

Trinity Glass is composed of 70 percent recycled content, which includes non-tinted recycled glass. The high glass content makes the material heat resistant and scratch resistant but requires a sealer to protect it from oil and food stains. However, if the surface does become etched, the blemishes can usually be polished out. Slab size is 56 in. by 96 in. by 1.25 in. in thickness.

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