Rubner Holzbau Designs Modular Stadiums Using Glulam Wood

Rubner Holzbau, an Italian company focusing on glulam timber constructions is collaborating with the consultant and design firm Bear Stadiums to design futuristic stadiums that are modular, made of environmentally friendly glulam wood, comfortable and totally green.

The first stadium is cost effective and can be implemented in 6 to 8 months instead of the 18 to 24 months usually required for traditional stadiums. The cost will be €1,500 per seat rather than the €2,500 per seat for traditional stadiums. This price reduction makes the stadium suitable for seismic areas or areas exposed to hurricanes and typhoons.

“We see a huge demand in the world for medium-capacity stadiums, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 seats, which actually represents 80 percent of the global market for this type of infrastructure,” said Jaime Manca Di Villahermosa, co-founder of Bear Stadiums. “The stadiums should replace existing structures made from reinforced concrete or metal that become dilapidated in just a few decades, resulting in high maintenance costs and low appeal to the public and fans.”

“Our stadium is built with certified wood from sustainably managed forests. In particular, glulam wood enhances the structural capabilities of wood and allows the development of innovative design solutions with efficient engineering qualities,” added Claudio Rustioni, CEO of Rubner Holzbau. “It is an advanced-technology product obtained by gluing layers of boards together with ecological adhesives, which have high mechanical resistance. The production and installation of glulam wood structures result in low energy consumption that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.”

Rubner Holzbau and Bear Stadiums developed the modular, green stadium to offer customers a turnkey formula, and a partnership agreement with several leading Italian companies have made it possible to include a variety of advanced environmentally friendly technology, such as mini wind turbines, solar panels, high-efficiency/low-energy light towers and projectors and a choice of recyclable, synthetic or hybrid lawns. Other technologies work to reduce maintenance costs: internal surfaces treated with natural resins, underground drainage and waterproof steps.

Other ecologically designed features include high-quality interior furnishings and fixtures, such as prefabricated systems for bathrooms with next-generation water dispensing taps, quick-coupling components and metal fasteners, prefabricated modules for stadium enclosures and turnstiles and folding ergonomic seats on bleachers with curves for perfect visibility.

The modular project starts with a minimum of 1,500 seats, conceived for the Italian Pro League and ideal for small sports clubs approaching professional soccer. It contains all the necessary facilities, such as spacious locker rooms for athletes and referees, an anti-doping area, infirmaries, working rooms for journalists, conference rooms, and a club terrace on the first floor with a window on the playing field, a bar, restaurant and easy access to the bleachers. The modular design provides contractors with simple construction from 1,500 seats up to 20,000 seats.

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