Green Building Supply Offers Vermeister ZERO VOC Finish

Vermeister Zero VOC Polyurethane Kit

Green Building Supply announced that it is now offering Vermeister ZERO VOC, the only water-based polyurethane finish made without VOCs, solvents, NMP or other toxic ingredients. This is an extremely low-odor product that’s reportedly safe for everyone, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Made only for wood flooring, Vermeister ZERO VOC applies like most polyurethanes and is available in a matte (15 degree), satin (30 degree) or semi-gloss (60 degree) sheen level.

Unlike oil-based or low VOC water-based polyurethanes, ZERO VOC contains no hazardous or even questionable chemicals that can off-gas and pollute indoor environments. According to the company it is the purest, cleanest polyurethane available. GEV, which is the most respected third-party certifier in Europe, has given ZERO VOC an EC1 Plus rating, which is the highest rating possible for ultra-low emissions. Furthermore, ZERO VOC is the first specific product for wood flooring to join the Super Compliant Architectural Coatings Manufacturer’s list.

Applying ZERO VOC is just like most other polyurethanes. Three coats are recommended over raw wood for most applications. It can be applied as a one-part or two-part system with a non-toxic catalyst called ZERO VOC BOOST for a harder and more moisture resistant finish. Apply it with a roller, brush or T bar. If properly covered, this product will maintain a pot life of seven days even with the catalyst. While this product is non-toxic it will not block emissions if applied over other oil-based or water-based toxic surfaces.

The surface can be cleaned with any neutral pH cleaner with a damp mop.

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