CoveringsETC Introduces Venetian Terrazzo – Torcello Grey G.

CoveringsETC Venetian Terrazzo - Torcello Grey G.

Venetian Terrazzo, Torcello Grey G. CoveringsETC announced the launch of its newest Eco-Terr product Venetian Terrazzo, Torcello Grey G. Creating styles of Eco-Terr with increasingly larger aggregates has become a focus for CoveringsETC as the company helps its clients customize their projects. Venetian Terrazzo features cool tones and each finish creates a different look.

“Eco-Terr Venetian Terrazzo has the longest life-cycle of the hard surface materials that I have ever worked with,” said Ofer Mizrahi, founder of CoveringsETC. Venetian-style terrazzo flooring contains 70 percent pre-consumer recycled materials derived from marble, granite and stone.

Eco-Terr tiles and slabs come in an array of colors and with aggregates that range from micro to ever increasing large format. Eco-Terr is engineered from recycled Portland cement, fly ash that has been saved from contaminating waterways and recycled marble and granite chips from closed quarries.

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