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Kirei Introduces EchoLine Acoustic Panels

Kirei has introduced EchoLine to its collection of acoustic panel options. According to the company, EchoLine has the unique ability to transition from flat to curved surfaces, making it an ideal solution that creates visual interest while maintaining sound absorption. With an easy installation process, EchoLine...


Construction with Recycled Plastic Bottles

In this video from Samarpan Foundation a unique building process is presented. With the use of recycled plastic bottles and fishing net, affordable housing is being constructed for impoverished communities and disaster areas across India, Nepal and Africa. The construction is done without the use of any steel...

Making Roof Tiles From Recycled Plastics 8

Making Roof Tiles From Recycled Plastics

This video featuring Britanica Tiles shows the process of turning discarded mixed plastic waste into roofing tiles. Hard and soft plastics are shredded and mixed with sand to create the necessary consistency to be pressed into tile molds. The resulting product is a durable, functional and...