Vetrazzo Introduces Sea Pearl Finish

Vetrazzo SeaPearl_PalladianGrey

Vetrazzo introduced Sea Pearl Finish for recycled glass surfacing. The company states that thanks to an innovation in finishing, crushed glass slabs are adding a tactile dimension to kitchen and bath design. A member of the Vetrazzo team became inspired by the textures of natural stone presented by Polycor, where antiqued finishes (also known as leathered finishes) are a bestseller. The team member was exposed to a variety of finishes available in natural stone and was interested in how these processes might be utilized for Vetrazzo slabs. The production team used a combination of know-how and knowledge of their equipment to apply a technique similar to what is used for brushed granite to the crushed glass slabs. According to the company the pieces of glass seemed to rise up gently out of the concrete surface with the texture of a worn piece of sea glass but with an opalescent quality of a pearl, like bubbles rising to the surface of sand under the surf.

Vetrazzo states that it is finding more often that designers and homeowners want texture and intricacy in their surfaces. The company is hearing that customers want something with more interest, a story in every surface, as Vetrazzo likes to say.

A limited release of Sea Pearl was rolled out, but the response from customers has been huge. When customers see a sample they reportedly keep rubbing their hand back and forth over it because they can’t believe the texture. According to the company, the jewel-like quality of the Sea Pearl finish on the crushed glass can turn small, everyday kitchen and bath features into focal points.

The soft beach glass feel on the crushed glass countertops comes from an additional week of hand finishing each slab. (It takes eight craftsmen one full day to complete a traditional Vetrazzo crushed glass countertop slab). The Sea Pearl finish can be applied to the Vetrazzo color selections that feature large pieces of glass. The large aggregate pieces offer more perspective in the soft undulations between the resin and the glass itself.

Vetrazzo Chivalry Blue

Chivalry Blue

Vetrazzo CobaltSkyy-300x292

Cobalt Skyy

Vetrazzo Floating-Blue-300x292

Floating Blue

Vetrazzo palladian-grey-pearl-finish-square

Palladian Grey

Vetrazzo is offering samples of Sea Pearl Finish exclusively to members of the trade, in one of four colors: Floating Blue, Cobalt Skyy ®, Palladian Gray and Chivalry Blue. Because the Vetrazzo production facility is located in the United States and the company has a large distribution network, it is reportedly able to offer architects and designers a direct connection to the source of the material, keeping lead times to a minimum.


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