TorZo Introduces Balsa Fusion Sustainable Surfacing Material

Torzo Balsa

TorZo introduced the latest addition to its line of sustainable surfacing materials, Balsa Fusion. Balsa panels were conceptualized for those in search of sustainably sourced, naturally lighter and unique material surfacing options. Sourced from rapidly-renewable tree plantations in South America and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Balsa panels reportedly provide excellent strength with stunning raw aesthetics. To achieve this, TorZo uses proprietary layering processes that retain the natural beauty of balsa while increasing the rigidness-to-weight properties.

While nature provided the balsa tree with its unique lightness and structure, the proprietary acrylic infusion and dye process enhances and elevates the material. Using 100 percent balsa wood as a substrate, TorZo infuses each panel to produce new levels of depth and warmth for interior spaces. According to the company Balsa Fusion expands the potential of color and texture application while retaining the desirable characteristics of both durability and sustainability. Suitable for high traffic and demanding installations, Balsa Fusion can be tailored for nearly any interior application. It contains no added urea formaldehyde, is certified low VOC performance and may qualify for LEED credits for EQ 4.4: Low Emitting Materials, MR 5: Regional Materials (if project within 500 miles of Woodburn, OR) and MR 7: Certified Wood. It is available in 36 in. by 96 in. panels in 5/8 in. thickness.

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  1. DANIEL says:

    Hello, I’d like to know the price on TORZO BALSA any color (highest price group). The price per sheet and its dimensions.

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