Sustainable Materials Offers ‘Organic Blocks’ Surfacing Material Made from Recycled Cork

Organic Blocks Senses and Chock
Organic Blocks surfacing - senses_olive

Organic Blocks surfacing in the ‘Senses’ style and ‘Olive’ color

Sustainable Materials LLC introduced in the United States Organic Blocks, a surfacing material made of sustainably harvested, rapidly renewable and recycled molded cork. Primarily used for wall décor, the molded cork ’tiles,’ for lack of a better term, have depth and dimension not typically associated with other types of tile and dampen sound. Part of The Muratto Cork Wall Design Collection imported from Portugal, they convey a contemporary European design aesthetic in five high relief geometric shapes: Beehive, Chock, Minichock, Peak and Senses. Pre-finished, they are infused with a selection of 10 colors: Aubergine, Black, Bordeaux, Emerald, Turquoise, Ivory, Natural, Olive, Red and Yellow. Experiment with shapes and colors, mix and match  to craft captivating mosaic patterns


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