SpecSimple Launches Save A Sample! In Canada

Save A Sample!

Save A Sample! takes place each year throughout the United States. This year Save A Sample! expands its sustainable mission to Canada.  “We’re going global!” reveals Suzanne Swift, Save A Sample!’s Founder and President of SpecSimple.com. “This fall, Canadian designers will have the opportunity to donate their materials to design schools and their students.” Spec Simple, with the help of Platinum sponsors Arborite and Wilsonart, is launching the Save a Sample! program in Canada! This non-profit recycling drive saves materials from landfills and helps design students in the process. Designers donate their unused samples and materials and they are passed on to local design schools and programs. “Arborite and Wilsonart are constantly producing fresh collections and sending out new samples,” said Teresa Gentile, Marketing Director at Arborite. “Through Save a Sample!, we are able to ensure that outdated materials go to a good home, exposing design students to these fantastic products as well as reducing waste and unused material.”

Save A Sample! Canada 2016 will take place September 27-28 in Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver. Design firm sign-up for the event begins on July 15. If you have questions or would like more info on the program, contact Spec Simple Marketing Coordinator Jenna Maye or Program Coordinator Donna Heaney.

“Save a Sample cleverly finds desirable dwellings for our unwanted extra finish samples, makes us happily go through and pack up our library clutter while feeling good about providing inspirational material for the next generation of designers.  It’s a win-win for all!” said Yasaman Hoorazar, a designer from IA.

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