Laser Products Industries Strives to Help the Environment

Laser Products LT-2D3D-measuring-kitchen
Laser Products LT-2D3D

laser-templatorLaser Products Industries (LPI) announced a new milestone for its customers and the environment. LT-2D3D and LT-55 XL Laser Templator users, are now saving more than 55,000 trees per year with the use of paperless processes.

The company states that the laser templators allow fabricators to utilize a totally paperless process by eliminating the need for written estimates, contracts and other paper printouts. In addition, luan (wood) strips used  as templating material are no longer necessary. The tablet included with the LT-2D3D captures and saves pictures right into the job folder for quick references, create estimates, and allows the customer to sign off on a job right on site. Emailing completed jobs also reduces drive-backs to the shop in gas-guzzling trucks, adding to environmental savings.

According to LPI, the software has been custom designed to allow anyone to quickly and efficiently learn the templating process. It is translated into 13 languages so it can be used all around the world. It will export jobs in DXF, DWG, XML, and ORD and create customer reports and shop sheets in PDF.

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