LA World’s Fair Enlists Students to Design Pavilion

The LA World’s fair has begun its search for students for a new green building design competition. The competition would enlist students to design the headquarters of the fair. la worlds fairThe headquarters also known as Pavilion Zero, is conceptualized as a visually compelling building that would serve as location for meetings, presentations and events. Unlike traditional short term fairs on a single site, the 2022 Los Angeles World’s Fair would cover multiple sites utilizing existing infrastructure and remain a permanent addition to the landscape. The fair’s theme “LA: The Connected City” looked to do just that by connecting Los Angeles both physically and culturally. The plans are designed to encourage a transition from car dependency to the more eco-friendly mass transit by utilizing the area’s existing and expanding transit system to connect the pavilions. The fair is hoping to encourage local participation in the planning and implantation of the pavilions, as well as the future connectivity of the city.

The organizers of the competition imagine a building that is designed to function efficiently while appearing as beautiful as a flower: a building that generates all of it’s own energy, utilizes renewable resources, provides it’s own treated water, and operates with a goal of sustainability and maximum beauty.

Competitors must have an understanding of the design intent of Pavilion Zero, address all seven LBC Petals and applicable Imperatives outlined in the Living Building Challenge, include a plan to re-purpose the designed space after the World’s Fair and integrate the theme of the fair. Registration for the competition ends April 27, 2017 and poster submissions must be received by April 28. Design Innovation Submissions will be presented and awards given on May 10, 2017.

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