Formica Introduces dECOLeather Recycled Leather Veneer

Mahogany and Emerald with Crocodile finish

Formica Corporation released its 2017 Specialty Collection that features dECOLeather, a recycled leather veneer. dECOLeather is manufactured from 100 percent pulverized leather fibers extracted from car seats and leather tanneries. dECOLeather thickness is comparable to veneer and laminate at 0.8 mm or 1/32 in.

Bringing sustainable luxury to interiors, dECOLeather provides all the best qualities of leather with the added benefits of durability and ease of fabrication. Whether used to create a trendy hotel reception desk or chic cocktail bar, dECOLeather redefines interiors with its deep colors and rich textures.

“Our new specialty collection is a perfect hybrid of innovation and beauty. It is both visibly and tactically elevated, allowing for new opportunities and advantages in design and making for surfaces you’ll love at first sight and touch,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, Group VP of Design for Fletcher Building’s International Businesses Division, which includes Formica Corporation.

Richly grained, eco-friendly recycled leather veneer brings sustainable elegance to interiors and provides all the best of leather including the look, feel and aroma. dECOLeather is ideal for hotels, restaurants, stores, offices and feature walls. It is durable and wear-, stain- and water-resistant.  dECOLeather recycled leather veneer is available in 18 colors with Buffalo, Walrus or Crocodile grained finishes.

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