Beachstone® Sustainable Products Offer Recycled Glass Options


Beachstone® Sustainable Products are customizable recycled glass concrete products that can be pigmented any color and made to a variety of sizes, shapes and forms. Beachstone surfaces are made with a high-performance concrete design with a very high amount of recycled glass. All products are “finished products” with a gloss or matte finish and are ready to install.  Beachstone can be manufactured into vanities, countertops, tabletops, solid block sinks, shower seats, shelves and any architectural precast product including exterior site furnishings.

Beachstone is a highly recycled content product (85 percent by weight) which helps divert post-consumer glass and pre-consumer seashells from landfill deposits. It is made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled glass and 100 percent pre-consumer recycled seashells.

Beachstone is good for the environment because it is made locally from local supplies with local labor and the company avoids wasteful use of water in the polishing process. In fact, Beachstone reportedly uses less water per day than a normal household. The facility is day lit and highly insulated resulting in a big reduction in energy use. Additionally, Beachstone is manufactured as a “cold” process without the extra use of heated steam. Beachstone Sustainable Products are produced with a proprietary “zero waste” manufacturing process ensuring no additional waste to the environment. The company does not cut from large slabs of material resulting in no excess waste to send to the landfill.

Beachstone surfaces come presealed with an acid proof sealer which keeps it from staining. It can contribute up to six points to the LEED rating system.

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