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KRION Terrazzo Series 0

KRION Expands SCS Certification for Terrazzos Series

PORCELANOSA Group and KRION® aim to make products increasingly sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Part of this effort is the development of the products of the Ecocycle® range, which includes all products from the different KRION® series, which contain recycled material. In the production process of the Ecocycle colors, accredited by SCS...

Avonite-Surfaces-Studio-Collection 0

Avonite Studio Collection Solid Surface Certified to Contain up to 40 Percent Recycled Content

The Avonite Studio Collection has been SCS-certified to contain up to 40 percent recycled material. The translucent polyester solid surface, made from a proprietary resin blend, is inspired by glass and precious metals. The NSF-certified materials in the Avonite Studio Collection can be thermoformed and are reportedly durable, nonporous and repairable.  Integrating...