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Green Business: Ethical Issues

By R. Yuvarani It is becoming extremely difficult for business owners to ignore the relevance of protecting the environment, improving the quality of life and similar issues, including the conservation of natural resources, reducing environmental pollution, protecting endangered species and controlling land use. Many companies are... logo 0 Launches Green Surface Insider Newsletter recently launched the inaugural edition of its email newsletter for those interested in the industry – The Green Surface Insider. In its first year the newsletter will be quarterly, with a fifth “Best of” special edition. The frequency will then increase in future years based...


Guest Editorial: The Race to the Bottom

By Jessica McNaughton A common question that I hear is, “What are we going to do about China?” Everyone’s concern with China seems to center around the fact that it can copy anything and make it cheaper than U.S.- or European-based manufacturers. So, the solution for...

Students Help Develop Recycled-Glass Concrete 0

Students Help Develop Recycled-Glass Concrete

This video is an informative piece of investigative journalism produced by Jose Espinosa for USA Green Stories. Although this media company now appears to be defunct, the following video remains interesting and applicable to today’s market for recycled surfacing materials. In the video, Espinosa visits students...


EPA: Increased Recycling Reduces Toxin Release

In January, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the 2014 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) report along with a 2014 TRI Executive Summary, which goes over the general findings more succinctly. It is no secret that commercial and industrial businesses in the U.S. require the use...